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Embarrassing Moment Share-a-thon

What am I talking about here? I'm talking about moments that were embarrassing for you. I'd like to hear some of them. If you're too embarrassed, go as anonymous. Please keep them somewhat filtered, and honest.

I walked around for half a day at work with my fly down... that was pretty embarrassing. At least someone told me eventually. My job requires me to be on my feet in front of a bunch of students. That was probably easily the most embarrassing thing that I've encountered. I'm not sure how many people noticed, but if you can only imagine.

What about you?


Laughing at other people's misfortune - HAHAHAHA

Have you ever noticed that when one of your friends gets hurt near you, you laugh? I'm not talking about serious injury, but something where they're relatively safe...

My friend and I were walking down the library steps, and she wasn't paying attention and whalla... biff city. What do I do first? Laugh of course, then I asked her if she was ok.

I was watching TV the other night, and flipped to America's Funniest Videos. The first couple were videos of people hurting themselves, and they were the funniest ones.

  • A guy steps on his son's skateboard and nearly does a complete backflip (maybe staged, but it can happen)
  • The famous bat swinging at the pinata, but intead hitting someone, most likely in the cookies
  • Jumping on a trampoline and either flying off, or getting caught in the springs.

About 5 years ago I took a trip to Florida with my sister, cousin, and a friend. We were leaving Disneyworld and talking about all the fun we had. My cousin was talking to my sister about one of the things that happened when... "PING" she walked right into a pole. It made the loudest noise, and it was probably right in front of 500 people. I laughed so hard, I could barely breath.

Why do we find humor when other people get hurt?

I was at a football game with my friend and there was a long running play. The referee was running with the play along the sideline when he pulled his hamstring. He pulled up on his leg, hopped for a few steps, and then executed a perfect somersault/sideroll/faceplant. My friend and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Poor guy....

Got any stories similar to these? Am I totally off my rocker, without any compassion? Or am I on to something here?

This is reposted because I'm swamped with things going on, and it was a popular post...


Oh my Goodness!!

I have a cold, so I've been drinking a lot of liquids lately.

On my way home from work yesterday I had to get rid of some of those liquids, so I stopped at a gas station that I hadn't stopped at before.

I went inside and asked the lady working the counter where the restrooms were.

She pointed and said, "Right over there, sir."

I thanked her and headed over there to relieve some pressure.

I approached the door and saw that it was a multi-gender bathroom.

Great! Well, the first thing I hope for is a good lock on the door anyway. I don't want anyone barging in on me.

To no suprise, the lock seems to be poor in condition, and I'm not quite sure if the door is actually locked or not. The lock was the kind with a button in the middle that you press in, and it may have pushed in, but I'm not sure.

About that time that was the least of my worries. I had a bladder screaming for relief, and I scurried over to the toilet, and lifted the seat. (yes, there was even a sign saying "men, please lift the seat," which made me laugh)

I was worried about someone coming in the whole time and was trying to hurry when....


The lights go off....

I'm thinking to myself, "What the heck is going on in this place."

There was a little light shining underneath the door, so I was able to finish, and began making my way to the door, when...


The lights came on...

The lights were the motion-detecting type.

That is the oddest thing I've encountered in a while.


Flag Football

This story was shared with me

Well I was 17 in Advanced P.E. and I was single at the time and one day I woke up a little late so I skipped a shower and put some clothes on and well I couldn't find any good boxers just this one old torn pair and I put them on anyway and I went to school now I have Advanced P.E. second hour and we were playing flag football and we were playing on the field next to the cheerleaders where they were practicing and I thought I could impress this one girl so I got the ball and being the athlete I was I took off with the ball dodging everyone and I remember thinking I am so good, and then it happened.

Instead of grabbing my flag the guy after me got a chunk of my shorts and my boxers and I was de-pantsed right in the end zone in front of the cheerleaders and to make things worse my boxers tore off and a chunk was stuck in my butt. The girls were pointing and laughing and all sorts of fun, but the next day I started dating one of them, so to this day she reminds me of that.

I hate flag football!


Acting goofy

I salute you Goofy... Disney's odd character. Where the heck did they get you from? What are you... a dog? Pluto looks more like a dog than you. Sorry... you're kind of scary more than cute, but goofy I'll be when I'm out and about.

I like to act goofy every now and then. Actually more than that, but I know my time and place.

I like to do things for the shock value too. Although I'm not going to try to give anyone a heart attack. Just simple humor that'll get a laugh.

Like walking into a store with a stupid walk. Normal people would do that just for the heck of it, and stop after a little bit. I'll keep doing it the whole time sometimes. I think it's funny.

Or talking really loud to whoever you're with. Just carry on a normal conversation with no holds barred.

I'm not the type to pursue trouble, so I'm not one that'll go to the point of getting kicked out of a store. I'm just talking about little things that'll keep whoever you're with amused, or embarrassed for a while.

I'm also one for enjoying shock humor. I'll make blunt statements every now and then that catch people off guard, but are worth a giggle.

I think acting goofy gives you a youthful edge. I'd rather think of it as goofy than immature. I think goofiness is chosen and immaturity can't be helped.



A guy wanted to take his Chihuahua into a restaurant with him, so he put on dark glasses and "tapped" his way into the establishment.

The waiter said "Hey!, you can't bring a dog in here."

The man indignantly claimed "I'm blind! ... this is my Seeing Eye dog!"

"You're trying to tell me" said the waiter, "that this Chihuahua is a Seeing Eye dog?"

"What???!!", cried the man, "they gave me a Chihuahua?"



I was fortunate enough to have two dental appointments this week, yesterday and today. I love the feeling of going there for repair work. (Sarcasm galore)

I sit here with most of my upper lip numb, and who knows what it's doing... I sure don't

I've drooled on myself more than once already, and I need to head back to work soon.

This doesn't solve the problem of speaking coherantly either. When my top lip doesn't leave its current resting place, it's kind of hard to say certain letters, let alone words. I'll try to avoid saying words with "P" or "B" for a few hours.

What about lunch I'm wondering... will I be able to eat? Yesterday I had a spot done on my lower right side. Today was two small spots on both sides of my upper.

I think it's kind of funny to see someone else that's been to the dentist drooling all over themselves and babbling, but I'm not quite enjoying it that much myself.

At least the dentist does a good job about making it as pain free as possible. The only problem today was that my head was far below my feet, and I got pins and needles in my feet and hands while I sat there for an hour.

I used to be near the phobia state when it came to dentists, at least when I was younger. I've inherited poor enamel, what else can I say? Just hearing the name makes me feel eerie. My Mom or Dad would tell me that I had a dentist appointment the next day and I'd be sick with worry, and brush my teeth like crazy that night, even though I knew it wouldn't do any good.

I guess I've been lucky and haven't had any really major dental problems, other than cavities here and there. No root canals, no big massive work done.

Well, time to find a bib... I'm drooling again!


1. Average life expectancy ( in seconds ) of an enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film : 4

2. Number of men who have written letters proposing marriage to Vanna White : 3506

3. Age most people stop believing in Santa Claus : 8 Age most people stop believing in politicians : 7

4. Number of chemical elements in the universe : 104 In a glass of New Jersey tap water : 98

5. Number of "Yuppie-dramas" now being developed by the 3 major networks : thirtysomething

6. Number of days into baseball season before Cleveland Indians are written off as pennant contendors : 5

7. Average powder base ( in inches ) on Aspen ski slope : 17 On Tammy Bakker : 1/4

8. Salary of the average Pro Wrestler : $47,500 /yr. If Pro Wrestling didn't exist : $4.25/hr.

9. Number of things that annoy Andy Rooney : 2,000,000 Number of people annoyed by Andy Rooney : 23,000,000

10. Average miles per gallon you can expect if a car maker's ad says " 30 mpg, city" : 23

11. Number of people who aren't doctors, but play them on TV : 57 Who aren't doctor's but play them in hospitals : 5,840

12. Number of pe.ople in the history of air travel who have been able to get a $99 Maxsaver fare to coast : 2 Restrictions for that fare : 237

13. Percentage of the public that understand the new tax code : 11% Percentage of accountants who understand it : 9% Percentage of IRS employees who understand it : 6%

14. Number of people who work for the government : about half

15. Number of Americans who believe any of the statistics on this page are accurate : 2,478,644 Who believe TV Evangelists are trustworthy : 2,478,644