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Embarrassing Moment Share-a-thon

What am I talking about here? I'm talking about moments that were embarrassing for you. I'd like to hear some of them. If you're too embarrassed, go as anonymous. Please keep them somewhat filtered, and honest.

I walked around for half a day at work with my fly down... that was pretty embarrassing. At least someone told me eventually. My job requires me to be on my feet in front of a bunch of students. That was probably easily the most embarrassing thing that I've encountered. I'm not sure how many people noticed, but if you can only imagine.

What about you?


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

I'm not sure you REALLY want to hear about this one ... but what the heck, here I go!

The early 1960's were still a time when girls were embarrassed to have their underwear showing. Slips that peeked out from under skirts were about all you ever saw, and then they were hiked up as soon as the wearer found out that they were showing.

Bra straps ... NO NO NO! Thongs hadn't been invented and showing your panties, even if only the top would have been enough to send a girl to the ER with terminal blushing!

Well ... one day ... when I was in 11th grade ... I was walking home from school. It was a little later than normal and luckily most of the kids had long since departed ... but there were STILL some around.

I had just gotten across the street from the school and I felt the elastic in my panties break! UH OH! They IMMEDIATELY started slipping down around my hips and then my thighs. Girls HAD to wear skirts to school then ... at least in my school.

No jeans or pants to hold up my undies so I plastered my thighs together and tried walking that way. The offending panties slipped ever closer to my knees and the point of no return.

I was mortified .... and had only ONE option. I looked around stealthily for onlookers ... sure that everyone there was watching me in my surpreme discomfort. Nope ... not a one even!

So quickly I let the white cotton garment slip quickly down around my knees ... and even more quickly down to my ankles. I stepped out of them as fast as I possibly could and kicked them with all my might underneath a bush.

At THAT point I ran as fast as I could the three blocks home! I have never ever been mortified like that again!

Oh the pain! OH THE PAIN!! LOL

12:59 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

haha... I can feel your pain!

That's a 10 on the embarrassment scale for sure

9:59 AM

Anonymous Korean Celt said...

I'm not easily embarrassed, mainly because I have no shame and any shame I had, went out the window after having my daughter. But, I do remember a time when I was in sixth grade and my class went once a week for swimming lessons and I was wearing a bathing suit that was a little loose on top. At one point, I came up out of the water, directly in front of one of the boys in my class, noticed the odd look in his eyes, which were staring at my chest and looked down myself to see that the top of my bathing suit was hanging down by my waist. I immediately ducked down under the water and tried to rearrange my suit. I don't think I could ever look that boy in the face again after that.

P.S. Since I was in the sixth grade at the time, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot to look at (there's still not a whole heck of a lot to look at), but I may as well have one of the chicks from a Russ Meyer film for as humiliated as I felt.

10:33 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Embarrassing for you I'm sure KC, but for him, probably one of those things he'll never forget, unfortunately, hehe.

Getting my shorts pulled down to my ankles in 8th grade gym class was another of my more embarrassing moments. Good thing he missed my underwear.

It's funny now, but not then, hehe.

3:52 PM

Anonymous Zach Cone said...

When I was younger I was picked to help out a magician in is show in front of the school. I was so happy untill a young girl in the front shouted "Gis fly is down" Everyone laughed

1:47 AM

Blogger Andalite said...

Well I was in a room with my girlfriend, who i wasnt going out with (according to my friends.. one of those secretive relationships)

Anyways, a whole lot of us were supposed to go to a disc and everyone was supposed to meet up at my place, so as soon as i heard the door bell ring, i put on my shirt (collared one), and waited for the door to be opened. In the mean while i arranged my bed and my hair and stuff, and my girl went into the washroom.

By the time the company reached my room, my girl came out and sat on my bed and i went to greet my friends. After exchanging the normal pleasantries i turned around to walk back in my room when one of my friend called out sheephishly "Josh why are you wearing your shirt inside out" , "What the hell it isnt inside ou... oh shit" was my reply.

Its amazing how many shades your face can turn when people start laughing at you and you know that they know what you were up to. *Sigh* so long for my secretive relationship!

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My most embarassing moment happened a few years ago in the middle of winter. I had stopped at a gas station and was planning on running in to get something. It was really busy at the gas station, and cars and people were everywhere despite the cold and VERY ICY...I mean very icy conditions. I pulled up to the front door, and opened my car down.

What happend next..I am still perplexed as to how it happened. As I stood facing my car while shutting the car door, I slipped completely flat on my back and slid directly underneath my car. All That was showing of me was from my shoulders up! You would think that is not possible, but believe me it is. I barely even got out of there. I had to just inch my way out because there isn't very much clearance from the ground to the bottom of a car!

I still cringe when I think about that. A lot of people ran up to me asking it I was okay. Yes I was, but I was sooo embarassed. I didn't even go into the store. Instead, I muttered, "I'm okay," went into my car and drove away quickly!

4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An embarassing moment for me happened in high school. It was at an age where you try to act cool and get through school hoping nothing too embarassing will happen to you. Well, I made it a couple of years with such luck, but not in 10th grade!

The bell had rang signalling everyone to switch classes. My class had been up on the 3rd floor, so I had to go down a flight of stairs to my next class. As I was starting to step down the stairs, I somehow lost my balance. There were probably 20 other people going down the stairs at the same time too. When I lost my balance, I tried to take a step down to slow down my momentum and prevent my self from biffing it. I must have had way too much momentum because as I took that first step, I was going too fast and started taking larger and larger steps and skipping 2, 3, and 4 rows of steps completely! At the bottom of the stairs, I landed flat on my knees with my books spread everywhere. Not exactly a great way to keep up with the "cool" image!

4:29 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

They're right here

11:53 AM

Blogger Q said...

My father once went out of his restuarants with his napkin still on his trousers. He didn't realize that 'til he was half way to his office, and there were people everywhere on the busy streets of Hong Kong who were staring at my father... With the napkin still on his trousers...

Ah well he still does silly things from time to time, and that was just one of them.

10:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:53 PM

Anonymous pantsed@apartybyagirl said...

I was at a friend's birthday party when I was eight years. This girl that I think was his cousin was being pushy and telling everyone what to do. She kept jumping in front of everyone when we tried to play games.
She jumped in front of me when we were going to break the pinata. So I waited until she was blindfolded and dizzy from being spun around and I pulled her skirt up. Everyone was laughing and she yanked the blindfold off and hit me with the stick a couple of times before throwing it down.
I had backed away but she ran and tackled me to the ground. She went crazy slapping me and pounding me with her fist. All the kids gathered around yelling and laughing. I rolled over and tried to crawl away but she dragged me back and rolled me onto my back. I tried to curl up to keep from getting pounded more but she pulled my hair and yanked at my ears. Then she started tickling me which I couldn't stand. I am very ticklish. Then with the girls cheering her on she unfastened my shorts and pulled them down my legs and off!
Everyone was roaring with laughter as I sat up. I was wearing my shoes and socks, a blue polo shirt and white briefs! I tried to cover my underwear with my hands as she jumped around me waving my shorts at me. I pleaded with her to give them back and she told me to go get them as she threw them up into the tree the pinata was hanging from.
My friend went up and got them as I sat there humiliated with all the kids teasing me, especially her and the other girls.

I never tried anything like that again.

10:41 PM


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