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Blind as a Bat

I can't see squat when it's dark. I also have a bad back, and I need to be careful about stubbing my toe because when I do I pretty much go down like an oak. I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar vertebrae, so I'm usually pretty cautious about where I'm stepping.

There comes times when I'm put into a situation where I've got to walk when it's really dark out. I hate the feeling going through my mind. It makes me really nervous, because if I step on something wrong, or unexpected, or stub my toe, it's like a brief moment of paralysis in my legs, and I just go down. It seems like it all happens in slow motion, but I can't do anything to stop it.

When it's dark out and I'm not sure of my footing, or if it's an unfamiliar surface, I inch along like an elderly woman with a cane. It's really frustrating.

This one time my wife and I (engaged at the time) were coming back from going out. I had a fountain soda with me and we were going to
watch a movie. I was all excited about having a 44 oz. soda to drink. We got to her place and headed inside, only the outside light was off. I forgot about the long first step and stubbed my foot on it, thinking they were closer to the door. On my way down I exclaimed, "My pop!" I tried to hang onto it, but it spilled all over the steps. She thought it was pretty funny. I did too, later, but I was trying to avoid landing on my chin at the time.

I really need to get one of those lights on my keychain again. I feel like a complete
idiot when I'm out and it's dark.

My landlord is revamping the building right now and the outside lights have been
shut off for 3 weeks. There's no light out there at all. I've reminded him a few times that they're still off, but he needs a sticky note or something.

I just wanted to share this fact with you. Anyone else have the same problem?


Anonymous J.D. said...

I feel ya' on the DDD.

I've got it in my L3 and L4 disks. It reared it's ugly head when I injured my back in the Army. I was only 20 years old at the time.

I'm now 28, and have been out of the military for a little over 4 years now, and my back still gives me trouble. I don't really want surgery, and the cortizone shots didn't help all that much.

I've just tried to focus on building up my back muscles to help compensate, but I've got 3 kids also... so I know once I hear "daddy!"... I gotta buckle down and tough it out.. them kids aren't gonna pick themselves up! LoL.

12:55 AM

Blogger Cat said...

I have the degeneration in my spine, lower back, as well. It's not been easy and I do have to take extra care not to do something stupid. That's hard for me.

We live in CO and many times I go outside worried I'll run into a bear (entirely possible) and half our bulbs are out.

I think I'll write myself a note to change those right now...

6:03 PM

Anonymous Natur line said...

I got excited by the title.
Don’t I know how you feel!!

12:05 PM

Anonymous Marlene said...

After a broken leg I am very careful in the dark. I bought a small pocket flashlight and now I always carry it when I am out and about - sure comes in handy and save me from the risk of falling. My sister fell on her porch in the dark - broke several bones, now she also carries a flashlight in her purse. Wishing you lots of adventures - stay safe.

11:43 AM

Blogger Petes blog said...

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6:51 AM


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