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Flag Football

This story was shared with me

Well I was 17 in Advanced P.E. and I was single at the time and one day I woke up a little late so I skipped a shower and put some clothes on and well I couldn't find any good boxers just this one old torn pair and I put them on anyway and I went to school now I have Advanced P.E. second hour and we were playing flag football and we were playing on the field next to the cheerleaders where they were practicing and I thought I could impress this one girl so I got the ball and being the athlete I was I took off with the ball dodging everyone and I remember thinking I am so good, and then it happened.

Instead of grabbing my flag the guy after me got a chunk of my shorts and my boxers and I was de-pantsed right in the end zone in front of the cheerleaders and to make things worse my boxers tore off and a chunk was stuck in my butt. The girls were pointing and laughing and all sorts of fun, but the next day I started dating one of them, so to this day she reminds me of that.

I hate flag football!


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