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I was fortunate enough to have two dental appointments this week, yesterday and today. I love the feeling of going there for repair work. (Sarcasm galore)

I sit here with most of my upper lip numb, and who knows what it's doing... I sure don't

I've drooled on myself more than once already, and I need to head back to work soon.

This doesn't solve the problem of speaking coherantly either. When my top lip doesn't leave its current resting place, it's kind of hard to say certain letters, let alone words. I'll try to avoid saying words with "P" or "B" for a few hours.

What about lunch I'm wondering... will I be able to eat? Yesterday I had a spot done on my lower right side. Today was two small spots on both sides of my upper.

I think it's kind of funny to see someone else that's been to the dentist drooling all over themselves and babbling, but I'm not quite enjoying it that much myself.

At least the dentist does a good job about making it as pain free as possible. The only problem today was that my head was far below my feet, and I got pins and needles in my feet and hands while I sat there for an hour.

I used to be near the phobia state when it came to dentists, at least when I was younger. I've inherited poor enamel, what else can I say? Just hearing the name makes me feel eerie. My Mom or Dad would tell me that I had a dentist appointment the next day and I'd be sick with worry, and brush my teeth like crazy that night, even though I knew it wouldn't do any good.

I guess I've been lucky and haven't had any really major dental problems, other than cavities here and there. No root canals, no big massive work done.

Well, time to find a bib... I'm drooling again!


Blogger TaraMetBlog said...

I just had a dental appt today and had to sneak out of work. I was lucky though my filling didn't need novacaine since it was "local" whatever that means. So I have a slight headache but no fat lip to showcase at work ;)

Although I was lucky this time, I've had two root canals in the past :(

12:51 PM

Anonymous Jenna Schrock said...

And that was probably challenging, avoiding words with P and B for some time. At least you've got a healthy set of teeth and there were no big problems. You just had to bear with the drooling and the challenge of avoiding certain words.

10:38 AM


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