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How to get out of a speeding ticket

Two guys I know were on their way home from a sporting event when they were pulled over for driving too fast.

Both of them are over 6 feet tall and stocky. The guy driving had one ticket on his record and didn't want another one, so they pulled over and started thinking quick.

The driver came up with a zany idea. He said, "Quick, flick me on the nose hard a couple of times!"

The passenger wondered what he was talking about. Again the driver pleaded, "Flick me in the nose, hurry!"

The passenger did what he said. (If you've ever done that to yourself, you know how painful that can be) He suddenly had tears pouring out of his eyes. The passenger quickly did the same thing.

The police officer got to the window and motioned for him to roll it down. Once the window was down he saw two huge guys huddled together crying, with tears in their eyes. He was spellbound, and didn't know what to say.

He eventually retorted, "Try to keep your speed down. I'm sorry, have a nice day!"

That is how they got out of the ticket, and if you could see them both, you'd laugh.


Anonymous Napfisk said...

Maybe they could just not speed?

Did it really happen or did you cleverly manipulate a joke?

Nonetheless a funny story.

7:02 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Really happened

And I have a hard time not speeding, so easier said than done, hehe.

Thanks for the response

2:07 PM

Blogger Shola said...

I don't get it, but maybe that's because I'm blog mad.


5:50 PM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Not much to get.. just a silly true story..

8:04 PM


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