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Idols or Idol?

I've gotten a sore thumb flipping between American Idol and the Olympics! I have to admit, I'm an American Idol buff, but I also love watching the competitiveness of the Olympic games.

Have you had the same difficulty choosing what to watch?

I do watch some of the Olympics earlier in the day on CBC, or other NBC stations, but over the past few nights I've been flipping back and forth. I enjoy American Idol now that it gets to this stage, the final 24.

We've gotten to 12 guys and 12 girls. Who do you think has been the hottest so far? I've got my favorites picked out after this past week's competition.

For the girls- Katharine, Paris, and Lisa were awesome in their first night, and were my top 3. (I also liked Kellie and Mandisa) Who do you think was good?

For the guys- Chris, Ace, and Taylor were the top 3 in my book, but there were a few others that I thought were quite good too (Will and Gedeon) What about that?

The judges all thought Elliot was awesome for the guys, but I didn't really hear what they heard, so I'll have to listen closer to him the next week.

The Olympics are in the final 4 days. The hockey medal games are nearing, and the final skating competitions are also coming soon. I think there have been some great performances by the athletes involved. I've seen a lot of instances of great courage, and thought to myself.. "wow, that was impressive" many, many times! There have been disappointments too, of course. That is what the Olympics are all about, and any competition. There have to be winners and losers.


Anonymous Derek said...

Personally, I'd have to go with the olympics

2:31 PM

Blogger GP said...

I'd go for the Olympics too, but there's something about watching all those olympians compete that makes me think I should get off the couch altogether...

3:41 PM

Anonymous Jason said...

Derek and GP are nuts, you have to choose Idol over the Olympics.

1:28 PM

Blogger carrie said...

the olympics don't hold a candle to AI for me.

6:32 PM


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