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Final 10 Women - American Idol

Did you think they all were a little flat tonight? I thought overall they were all a little less impressive tonight than they were last week.

Who's so hot that she'll make it in based on how cute and sweet she is? That's Kellie
Pickler. The sweetheart from North Carolina actually can sing too, and charmed the viewing audience before her song by her interview. Kellie, you're awesome, and so down to earth! I wish you the best in the competition.

As far as the rest of the group went, Katharine McPhee and Paris Bennett seem to be shoe-ins for the final 6. Both have great vocals, and charisma. Lisa Tucker is also right up there, and you can tell that she's been doing that for most of her 16 years. I thought Melissa McGhee did a great job tonight as well. Cutting the final two before we get to the "Final 12" will be tough next week.

Who will probably get voted off after tonight's performance?

If Brenna Gethers makes it through this week's voting, then she is stacking the ballots, or calling 50,000 times for herself, because she's like nails on a chalkboard. The other person that I think will be voted off this week will be Heather Cox.

I can't wait for tomorrow night. The guys have awesome talent this year too!


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