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I've been American Idolized

I got the chance Tuesday night to go and see American Idols Live. I had a great time, and I thought the show was awesome, and well worth the 4 hour drive.

I don't watch all the much TV, but I only missed one episode of American Idol this year, so I felt more "involved" with the show than I ever have before. I was pretty much pulling for Carrie Underwood all the way, but really liked most of the final 12.

So this post is more for all of you that enjoyed American Idol 2005. I'm here to give you my review of the show.

The show opened to a packed house, with Jessica Sierra firing up the crowd. Her raspy, yet solid vocals got everyone fired up, and her feeding off the audience was cool to see. I can picture her doing this for a living. She's a great vocalist, just needs to work more on her own style. (I ran to get the camera after her performance, and missed Anwar Robinson's first 2 songs)

Constantine, the charmer, was next on. He is just something else. He opened with "Hard to Handle" and the crowd went nuts!

He then sang "My Funny Valentine" and then closed with a Rocking version of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Following Constantine up was Nikko Smith. Unfortunately none of the pictures of Nikko turned out that well at all (if any are really that great).

Nikko really was awesome. I especially like "Part Time Lover" and his dancing on all of the songs was the best of the night by far. He even whipped his hat into the audience for a lucky fan.

Nikko introduced Scotty "The Body" Savol. Scott had a very strong vocal in his first song "Against All Odds". He then shared the stage with Jessica Sierra again for a GREAT version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Scott was one of the Idols that talked to the audience more than I thought he would, and it was pretty cool. He even joked about being overweight. Scott the introduce the hot and rocking Nadia Turner.

Nadia came on with an electric guitar and her hair was wild and crazy. Understandably the Idols have been doing the tour for a month or more, and they've done the show quite a few times. My thoughts are that I got to see it when they are really starting to really hit everything right.

Nadia was better than she was on the show, as all were. The thing I liked about the show was that even though they may still be doing the same old thing night after night, it still seemed fresh, and original. And I'm sure a lot of it was, when fans were screaming "I love you!" and flashes were going off like crazy!

After Nadia there was about a 20 minute intermission, before the show heated up even more.

After the intermission Anwar came back on the stage and sat down at a keyboard. He then began playing a very hot version of "Superstitious" Little did we all know that behind him on the stairs was the fantastic Vonzell, is a bright yellow silky gown.

Vonzie then lit up the whole place with her bubly and upbeat versions.

She looked very good, and sounded solid for the most part

Vonzell then introduced Anthony Federov, who I think has improved the most since the show left the air this spring. Federov seemed the most appreciative of the crowd, and said "Wow. This is crazy!" His vocals were solid and he worked the crowd well. At one point during his performance I thought, "That would be a lot of fun to be him right now... he sure looks to be enjoying it.

At one point during Federov's performance a fan threw a hat onto the stage... he grabbed the hat and put it on his head, and the wore it the rest of the night. I thought that was pretty cool, especially since it was a Cheesehead hat.

He even showed his range by doing a Latin version of what I think was a Marc Anthony song, but I'm not to into that style.

And here's Mr. Federov with the Cheesehead hat that was thrown onstage.

After that he announced what we all knew. That the marvelous Bo Bice wasn't able to make it, but was doing well recuperating from surgery. So we were shown a clip of him singing "Vehicle" which was fine for me. It would've been so awesome if he had been able to be there though.

After that, the lead guitarist began a tribute song for Bo, starting "Sweet Home Alabama" in which the rest of the guys came onstage and rocked the house in their own way. It was pretty good, not quite the caliber of Bo Bice, but he's old school.

After that finished to roars galore, Scott Savol noted that this is the time when Bo Bice usually gets to say this...

It is my extreme pleasure to introduce YOUR AMERICAN IDOL, CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!
(Insert pandemonium) Obviously the crowd favorite in Green Bay, Carrie opened with Sin Boots. I would be lying if I said I wasn't waiting for her to get onstage all night.

After Sin Boots, she did her cover of "Independence Day" and sounded fantastic. Then followed that by "Alone"

She sure has a great voice, and I thought she did a fantastic job in all areas of the performance too. And she looked phenomenal.

To close she sang her hit "Inside Your Heaven", which was greeted by deafening roars and cheers. At the end of the song she was joined by the rest of the Idols in casual attire as well, to finish the fantastic night. I really enjoyed it a lot.

I especially liked the added touch of Jessica Sierra wearing a Brett Favre jersey to close out the show, which I know the rest of the crowd loved too... Great show by all... Anyone who didn't enjoy it went there with a different purpose in mind.

One last pic... Sierra donning the Favre jersey


Anonymous Kiki said...

I would have loved to have gone to that! Thanks for posting the pictures. I still haven't gotten over my Constantine crush ;)


10:20 AM

Blogger Toni said...

I wanted to go to that concert, but mainly to see Bo. In a way, I'm glad that I didn't get to go after all since I would have been disappointed not to have seen him. I hope he gets better soon.

12:33 PM

Blogger Bob Gentry said...

Thanks for sharing the AI photos...this last year was my 1st year getting hooked on the show ;)

8:41 PM


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