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The fine art of TP-ing

Through the years I've had a lot of fun doing this. What am I even talking about? Well I'm talking about toilet-papering someone's house and yard!

Of course this should always involve someone you know.

I would never toilet-paper someone's house that I didn't know.

That'd be more like littering, but when you know them, then it's more like a prank.

This can be a very humorous, and exciting activity, especially if the people you're doing it to are good sports, but even when they're not.

First of all what you need to start off with is an accomplice. Someone that'll share in the fun, and somone that you can talk about it with afterwards, and laugh. It's a lot more fun when you're out there giggling with someone instead of doing it alone.

Second, you need a vehicle, unless the house/yard you're going to TP is nearby. When you get to the scene, make sure that the car is parked in a place where you can drive away, because I've had to run for it, and take off before I was caught. If you have to backup, that's going to slow you down.

The next thing you're going to need is rolls of toilet paper. And NO, they shouldn't be used. These are unused rolls of toilet paper, silly. Depending on the yard, and how many trees, and things to wrap it around, you'll have to decide how many rolls to bring. I like using around 10 rolls for a house/yard.

The last thing you'll need before you start is to get into Super-sneaky-ninja-invisible-stealth-MODE.

Once you have all those things taken care of, and of course you've selected the place, you begin.

My favorite part about TP'ing is that you can show your artistic flair. I like to partner up with someone and throw it high into the trees, or over the house. Weave it inside of railings on decks, or clothesline poles.

Know the people you're doing this to also because they may have:
1) A dog, that BARKS
2) A motion-detecting yard light. You're not going there to steal, you're going there to prank them.
3) You know how they'll react if they hear you... so be sneaky.

You can even spell out things for them. I usually try to never leave any clues, because you know how paybacks are.

Finally, and only sometimes, when I'm leaving I like to honk the horn, or make some noise, so they know that they've had uninvited company.

One other thing that is kind of fun is creatively wrapping their car in Seran Wrap. Much nicer than putting Seran wrap over a toilet, but still a good prank.


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Oh mi gawsh.... never saw lessons on this on the web before! Lots of young people are gonna think its WAY cool! You're still young enough to think that way too!

I just keep thinking about who in the heck is going to CLEAN IT UP! What if the homeowner is late for work and can't get the Saran Wrap off and he LOSES his job!

OK ... I'm an old poop! You didn't say anything about the nice new GIANT rolls of tp you can get now! Bet they'd be fun to work with! And how about that new type plastic wrap that sticks to surfaces. You could make pockets with it and stuff them full of something gooey on the cars.

Can you still get colored tp? What about the old fashioned rolls of crepe paper we used for kids parties years ago. Do they still sell it? It came in neat colors ... that could help the artistic end of the deal!

But since I'm too old to go running for my life ... I'll let you youngsters have all the fun! Or WILL I? Maybe I'll sit back and watch as the owners come out with fire hoses to douse you all down!

11:34 AM

Blogger Jamal said...

Excellent prank, Must try this out one day :o)

12:43 PM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Yes... rules are if you get caught, you help clean up. If you don't, then they clean it up.

That's my rule anyway.

And do this to people you know :)

1:33 PM

Blogger dawnmarie said...

those are some quality TP jobs, my family has a tradition that, when you get married, you get TP'd. So I appreciate the fine art that you've shown here.

3:23 PM

Blogger Ben Dash said...

The people across the road from us were TPed by some of their daughter's friends (friends?) and spent hours cleaning it up.

I don't see the fun in it personally, it's just a mess and makes all your neighbours think that you and your supposed friends are trailer trash. Every time I see them now I can't help but think "Gerry Springer would be proud of you".

12:08 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Awww... don't be a stick in the mud.

12:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad that someone out there enjoys telling people the proper way to toilet paper someone as much as I do! I have done 13 houses, and it is so much fun. Thanks for spreading the word :)I love casually driving by the next day and seeing them cleaning it up. What a funny sight.

4:55 PM

Anonymous P Willy said...

dude Tping is the best; i took my friend a first timer on a 7 house long spree. We didn't get back until 4:00 am because we saw some people go to work. lol !!!!!!!

8:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this Google video entitled "The Art of TPing or How to Gift Wrap a House". It is a 'documentary' (ha ha) on how to TP a house.

The Art of TPing

3:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh, someine TPed my house and i caught them just started F***** them!! they ♥ me NOW!

10:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've been TP'd six times now; it was funny once, amusing twice, but now it's just a pain in the ass to clean up. We're pretty sure it's the same person, though we don't know who it is (they have a "signature"). They have damaged both our vehicles with some of the stuff they use; at this point we'd be having a serious discussion with their parents (we assume it's kids, not adults), prior to prosecution.

2:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me and my friends did it and it was so much fun we live nerby the kid so when we go on walks the tp is stil there! but unfortunatley when we did this we got caugh cuz a guy friend went with us and he decided to back up with the tp and scream football as he threw it in the tree! but it was the best night of my life!

1:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out www.tplauncher.com. I bought one and it's pretty cheap, but I was able to launch my tp roll more than twice as high as i used to be able to.

1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out www.tplauncher.com. I bought one and it's pretty cheap, but I was able to launch my tp roll more than twice as high as i used to be able to.

1:17 PM


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