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You Make Me Laugh!!

Another odd topic, but one that I know we can all relate to. Laughing...

It sure can make a person feel good. It can even hurt (physically). There are many different kinds of laughter. Some people's laughter makes a connection with yourself that brings out a laugh of your own.

I personally have a few people that I enjoy laughing with more than others. They're able to get me laughing, and I can get them to laugh. I think the thing I like about it is it's fun to get them to laugh, and I like hearing their deep, sincere chuckle.

I've heard that laughter is the best medicine. I guess in a way that's true. I've been in a crappy mood, and have had a good conversation with someone, and have had something strike me as funny, and my whole attitude changed.

There used to be this show on called "Make Me Laugh" and I used to like watching it, and trying not to laugh at them. Some of them were very tough to hold it in.

And of course there's a big difference between laughing and just smiling. I think with laughter you're touching a part down inside of a person. To smile is one thing, but to bring out a chortle, a chuckle, a snort, a giggle, a bellow... that's something different altogether.

Now the giggles is something that can land someone in trouble. Have you ever gotten the giggles with someone in a place where you shouldn't have? I've gotten the giggles in class, and in church. Not the best places to be snickering uncontrollably with someone else.

I like laughing every so often so hard that my stomach or my cheeks are sore. That's when I know that things are going to be fine, and that I really haven't changed too much. It feels good to laugh hard once in a while. A good belly laugh is a good for you, I think....

And that's the end of the rambling on this topic... Now go ahead a laugh at me! hehehe


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

Naturally I love to laugh. But what I love most is being in a giggling fit! A place where you start giggling and the more it builds the less able you are to stop it. All someone has to do is turn to look at you and you are again off on a tide of giggles!

I haven't done that in a long time! I think that you are right .. you need the right people around you to do it properly! In the meantime a few good old guffaws and snorts at things on tv will have to do!

5:18 PM

Blogger Yong said...

Yes, It's nice to have a really good horse laugh once in a while...it pumps up the soul. I enjoy it when my son (9 years old) and I laugh together spontaneously in unison when watching a funny scene on TV...it really help us to "connect", doing things together and enjoying ourselves.
Thanks for the great jokes.

4:24 AM

Anonymous Korean Celt said...

I'm a LOUD laugher. I usually end up embarrassing everyone with me, which only makes me laugh harder.

11:09 AM


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