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Breasts - Better than TV?

Alright, my wife and I just had our first child. It has been a learning experience to say the least. I was given oodles of advice, and read a lot of books to prepare myself. Two weeks after the fact I think we've been doing quite well.

I know, I know... things can change on a daily basis, but I've really enjoyed the whole fatherhood experience so far.

My wife's boobs are off limits to me. There I admit it
now. I never thought it'd happen, but I'm respecting that.

My wife is breastfeeding, which is the main topic of my post today. That means that I am helping most of the time. Our little one likes to doze off often. She'll usually eat well for 7-8 minutes and then drop off into deep sleep. I try to keep her awake by brushing her cheek, rubbing her feet, or caressing her head.

Many times this doesn't work. We've had to call upon higher measures to keep her awake long enough to get the nutrition she needs. I've used a cold cloth on her head, and this works well sometimes. She doesn't really like it that much and usually
throws a little tantrum. I would too if I was trying to doze off and someone put something cold on my head. I'm doing it for a good reason...

So what about it all is better than TV?

I'll tell you what I'm talking about... it's the breast pump. Have you ever seen these
things in action? The first time I watched my wife hooked up to it I was in amazement! I guess as a guy I've always been interested in the female breast, but to see it being put to use in that way was mesmerizing. I could have watched that thing pumping her boobs for hours. I never realized how amazing the human body could be. The whole pregnancy process really is fascinating. To see milk coming out of my wife's breasts, and to think that is being used to nourish and feed my little girl. Unbelievable.

It's a miracle!

Because of this wonderful invention, I can partake in the feeding of our child. I've been assigned the first shift after midnight. I love it so far. I can give my little girl a bottle and she falls asleep in my arms afterwards.

That too is much better than TV!


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

FYI ... I have a HUGE smile on my face right about now! You are ADORABLE!!! Having a child IS a miracle and you are a part of that miracle. You are going to make an OUTSTANDING father!

And YES ... I have a son born in Oct 1970 with the same name! And yes, I remember that your parents almost share the same anniversary with us. And of course there is ALSO the Michigan connection!

Small world .. and I'm constantly reminded of it. Glad to hear you will be posting more now that summer is nearly here!!

7:47 PM

Blogger Dana said...

I remember nursing my boys when they were babies. It's a precious gift. They are a precious gift.

Congratulations, Daddy!

1:38 AM

Blogger iiq374 said...

The scary thing is you needed a breast pump to figure that out ;-)

10:42 PM

Anonymous Cassandra said...

Just came in through BlogMad and wanted to say that this is the cutest post ever! My husband was totally mesmerized by watching me pump too. I pumped exclusively for 7 months...
Anyway, congrats, and thanks for reminding me of such sweet times.

10:45 PM

Anonymous J.D. said...

I found your blog via Blogmad as well. And.. we just had our newborn son on May 25th... So congrats to you and yours!

1:01 AM


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