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Suspecting her husband of infidelity, the woman attempted to put an end to it by arousing his jealousy.

"What would you say if I told you that I've been sleeping with your best friend?" she asked provocatively.

"Well," he mused, "I'd have to say that you're a lesbian!"


Blogger michele said...

That's a good one,came across
by way of blogmad.
Stop by for a visit.

4:06 PM

Blogger Mama Mouse said...

My son married his best friend ... after knowing her 15 years and being married twice before her. Hmmmmmmm????!!!!!! LOL Guess he would have to acuse her of sleeping with herself eh?

12:05 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Hehe... you got it

Good to see you around MM


6:56 AM

Blogger Clublint said...

I'm here via BlogAdvance.

I'm currently engaged to my best friend and I would think that a man would be more alarmed if his partner ran off with a woman than with a man.

Imagine being a man and someone leaves you for another woman...


6:18 PM

Blogger jessada said...

This would be funny for all of you who DON'T have lesbian mothers. -- Jess.

10:54 PM


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