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A Pet Peeve

Ok, most of the highways around here are two lanes. Every so often there's a passing zone= 3 lanes, two on one side for a passing zone of sorts.

Why in the heck do the people who drive right at 55 MPH for miles upon miles think that this is suddenly a freeway? It's not a freeway, it's a chance to get past a slow-poke like you! So, I drive 70 to pass the dimwit who ups his/her speed to 65. ANNOYING!

I feel like making a huge sign and putting it in my window when I drive past them.



Blogger erin said...

And why do they slow down so much when the passing lane ends? It makes no sense.

11:31 PM

Anonymous rob said...

The worst thing is that when you know these people will slow know, you have to pass them when you ca. Then, it is you who end up getting the @#@Q@%!! speeding ticket.

That happend to me once. I was following a car that was going less than the speed limit (a LOT less), and when he saw the passing lane, he decided to go 20 over the speed limit. So, since I knew he would slow down again, I had to go faster than him to pass. Well, I was the one who got the speeding ticket, not him :(

11:47 PM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

That would make me hit the road rage stage I think.


12:08 AM

Blogger William said...

Road Rage Cards are exactly what you need.

4:27 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

hehe.. that'd be perfect sometimes

8:47 AM


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