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Snow, Snow, Snow!

What a crazy 24 hours it has been here! (I'll upload a picture when Blogger's picture thing isn't being stupid)

The snow if finally starting to stop falling, but for a while we were getting about 2 inches or more an hour of wet, wet snow every hour.

I have a 50 mile drive to work and back. On the way there it hadn't started snowing yet. Shortly after I arrived at work it started, and soon looked nasty. I just shook my head, picturing the ride home. We were released early, at around 12:30. I got home at around 2:10.

If you've never driven in snow, you don't have an idea of what it's like. I drive in it a lot, but this was different. Wet snow is hard to drive in, and it was coming down so fast, it made it pretty intense driving through it.

The windshield was getting all slushy and iced up within minutes of cleaning it off. I had to pull over and clean off my wipers 4 times (probably could have a few more, but I couldn't see enough spots to pull over. At one point the passenger side wiper had a huge ice chunk built up between it and the windshield, leaving it useless as it rode on the chunk back and forth.

Looking outside today, I would've predicted that we were greeted by around 20 inches of new snow, but according to the NWS, an amazing 32 inches fell on us in a 24 hour period!!! The whole area was kind of in a lockdown last night, and there was a blizzard warning until noon today. Now everyone is cleaning up, but there's a chance of more snow until tomorrow morning.

The good news? No work today again! The perks of being a teacher I guess!


Blogger AL said...

We have the same situration here in Norway. We have over a meter of snow in the yard now. This has been a long winter.

2:42 AM

Blogger Blueyes said...

I am soooo thankful I live down in the south...I remember all that snow from living in Germany and I won't do it again...

7:33 AM

Blogger Dirty Butter said...

Yeah Alabama! Down here if they even SAY the word snow in a forecast, the bread and milk disappear from the store shelves, because NOBODY knows how to drive in the stuff!


12:47 PM

Anonymous The Chad said...

Wow, I'm sorta glad I dont live in MI anymore, but yet I miss snow (real snow) sooooo much. Living in Oregon sucks.

3:57 PM

Anonymous Korean Celt said...

Hunker down and drink lots of hot chocolate, that's what I say. I've been in similar circumstances between living in Utah, DC and Northern Indiana. I've lived through enough crappy storms to say I offically hate snow.

9:04 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

I survived the snow. We didn't really get much after main storm. I thought the whole ordeal to be pretty exciting!

5:23 PM


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