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2 Cartoons Good for a Laugh


Blogger Lisa said...

I liked the second one. We have a little boy who is in our mom's day out program who really needs the pacifier patch! He's almost 3 and still has one in his mouth constantly. You can't understand a word that he says.

1:42 PM

Blogger Dr. Fil said...

Where do you get these comics? They are hilarious. I love your humor and wit. I'm linking your blog to mine.

Dr. Fil

5:55 AM

Blogger Tachizuno said...


I get them from here and there around the net, sometimes personal journals, etc..

Appreciate the compliment as well.


6:49 AM

Anonymous Korean Celt said...

Yeah, I like the second one as well. It's pretty funny.

10:02 AM

Anonymous Jen said...

The first one is hilarious!

1:19 AM


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