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Fuel- It's a pain in the GAS

How high will fuel costs soar? Are the prices changing your plans? I have to admit they're starting to change mine, and I'm tired of it!

I live about 50 miles from my job. We're talking about moving closer to that, and I'm also applying for some jobs closer. If costs go above $4/gallon, which they're supposed to, that'll be about $70 per week that I'm spending just on gas.

In response, I propose the following signs be put at exit ramps on all freeways and highways that advertise fuel.


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

I won't tell you what we paid for gas in England when we were there a year ago!! Lets just say that it made even $4/gal look good!

This IS price gouging on a national scale and no one with any authority will say so. Why? Because many of they are reaping the 'spoils of war'! 'Nuff said! Do love the sign though! LOL

7:49 AM


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