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Coughing fits, hiccups, and sneeze attacks

I'm sitting in my college class, reach down and grab my bottle of soda, take a swig, and wham... wrong tube. I then go into the coughing fit of a lifetime. I mean my eyes are watering so I can't see. I knew I had to get out of there because I was going to put on a show. Nice when that happens in front of a lecture hall full of peers. No chance I was sneaking out of that one without being in the spotlight. I proceeded to raise my hand and cough out, "I'll be fine," amid the chuckles of the people in the back row. I was so glad I sat close to the front that day. I could not stop for over 30 minutes. I felt too embarrassed to go back into the class anyway.

Ever happen to you???

"When I was younger, so much younger than today..." I used to get the hiccups all the time. Is
there some scientific fact that makes this happen, or is it a developmental thing? I don't get them much at all anymore. I used to get them every time I went to Wendy's and took my first drink of Mt. Dew. Weird that I can remember something like that.

I've had episodes of the hiccups in the past where I've tried multiple avenues to get rid of them. I've held my breath... no dice. Drank a cup of water... notta. Swallowed sugar (someone's idea) ... ummm, no. Drinking a cup of water upside down... lemme think about it... NO. And of course the famous "drink backwards technique"...whice still didn't work.

And why do most of these remedies rely on you plugging your nose?? hee hee I know, I know... because it works!

There are so many different sounds when people sneeze. My Dad sounds like he's going to be taking his last breaths as he forces out about 2-7 sneezes in a row. Sad to say, I'm getting like that too. I'm a relatively loud sneezer. I figure if I'm going to sneeze, I may as well let people know about it. Then you hear ladies that let out the little 'choo'... IS THAT IT?? I usually sneeze 2-4 times when I have to. I remember this teacher I know, Mr. Minkin. When that man sneezes, I think half of his goal is to get you to wet yourself from being startled. It's loud, and it's abrupt, and it comes out of nowhere. There's no AHHHH... it's just AHCHOO... and you jump 10 feet off the ground.

Sometimes sneezing is pleasing, but most of the time for me it isn't....



Anonymous Anna said...

Did the wrong-pipe thing in a college class last semester myself. Except in a room of early childhood education students, everyone is much more sympathetic. The whole class pretty much stopped as everyone watched me to see if I was OK. My neighbor even paused and patted my back. :)

Good post.

1:58 PM

Blogger Marinade Dave said...

Next time you have the hiccups, try taking a teaspoon of sugar and forcing it towards the back of your throat, like shoveling it back there. The sugar dissolves and coats your throat. It helped me once.

4:56 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Ha! That's hilarious! About two months ago, I nearly choked on jello in a restaurant and my mother decided that it was physically impossible to choke on jello. She kept saying "choke on it! try it! seriously!" A week later, while eating jello, it went down the wrong pipe. I was fine, but it sure hurt.

10:06 PM

Blogger Webmiztris said...

I sneeze like I mean it, and I'm glad. Those girls that sneese like chipmunks can't possibly feel the relief I feel after letting loose a nice earthshaker like I do.

12:14 PM


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