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Awesome game for the PC

I like player First Person Shooters if I'm playing a game on my computer. In the past I've found a few games that really stuck with me, and I wanted to play again and again.

I would have to say that one of my favorite games so far that I've played on my PC would have to be

No One Lives Forever

The game is similar to a James Bond setting. You're special agent Cate Archer, who has to take on H.A.R.M, with all of her gadgets and know-how. The gadgets change throughout the game, and you can also select between different skill levels. It's based in the 60's, with kind of a hippie theme. It also kind of reminds me of Austin Powers, but not quite as sexual. It has a lot of levels too, so you won't finish it in an hour or two, and you will enjoy it.

You get to jump out of a plane, operate in stealth mode (avoiding security guards and cameras), shoot a lot of baddies, scuba dive down to a sunken ship, and much, much more fun things.

Some of the gadgets you get to use... a barette also used as a lockpick/weapon, sunglasses that are also a camera, lipstick bombs... and plenty more (I wouldn't want to spoil it too much).

This game was game of the year for 2000, and has since seen a sequel, NOLF2. I have this game now, but haven't played it yet. I've been preoccupied with a few other games that I'll be talking about later. Some can be found on the sidebar, under Great games.

Here's the sequel, No One Lives Forever 2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I played that game and I'll admit it was fun. Not the best I've played though.

You have to play Half Life 2 dude.


2:38 PM


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