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Kill Some Time

There are a lot of funny things to do, and watch at this site.

There are some good flash games. My favorites are in the puzzle section. I also like Smack the Bloody Penguin.

Funny videos, pictures, jokes, etc...

Young and old alike can find some interesting things to do at:

Kill Some Time

If you're bored, check this site out. There's a lot to do.


Blogger Mama Mouse said...

HeeeHeee ... I've played the penguin smashing game too! What a HOOT! Have you seen Bash the Haggis? Similar to the penguin one ... http://www.bashthehaggis.com/

11:51 PM

Blogger Tachizuno said...

Yes, that one's fun too.

Quite a few fun things to do there... you can definitely kill some time there if you want.

1:34 AM


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