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Never Trust a Doctor

Mildred, 93, was despondent over the recent death of her husband Earl, so she decided to just kill herself and join him in death. Thinking it would be best to get it over with quickly, she took out Earl's old Army pistol and made the decision to shoot herself in the heart since it was so badly broken in the first place.

Not wanting to miss the vital organ and become a vegetable and a burden to someone, she called her doctor's office to learn her heart's exact location.

"Since you're a woman," the doctor said, "your heart is just below your left breast.

Why do you ask?"

She hung up without answering.

Later that night, Mildred was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her knee.


Blogger Dinner said...

HAHA I've heard that one before, but still funny. The image is a nice little addition lol.


5:52 PM

Blogger Keith said...


3:18 AM

Blogger Dana said...

Mine are halfway there. ;)

Great joke and hilarious cartoon!

11:39 PM


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